The official token for GIS Corp


There are three types of participants in GISC ecosystem: Borrower, Lender (GISC) and Token holder. Borrowers are the ones who drive traffic into the ecosystem and create an asset based on GISC open source platform. Lender creates a Structured Loan arrangement and manages the loan for the benefit of the ecosystem. GISC ecosystem motivates the lender and borrower to cooperate through a supportive bi-lateral contract that benefits both parties. The ecosystem removes layers of cost and time for both the borrower and lender. Last but not least are the Token holders who are the investors that are entitled to participate and receive the benefits of the ecosystem performance. The advantage that token holders have in the ecosystem is that they can sell back their tokens at a premium after 12 months against a redemption schedule, providing a safety net.

With a Non-recourse Stock Loan, you get liquidity from your asset now, retain contractual ownership, enjoy the benefits that come from not having to sell your securities and profit from appreciation of your portfolio should the stock price rise in value after the loan matures. Since the transactions are Non-Recourse, borrowers enjoy the freedom of walking away from your agreement with no further obligations, should your share price decrease in value. The flexible exit strategy permits you to either pay off the financing and regain your securities, or walk away from interest payments or repayment entirely and forfeit only the collateralized securities… even if the stock price has declined.

Free Trading and Aged Securities

  • LTV’s (Loan to Values) from 35% – 80%
  • Blocks accepted
  • Terms from 12 months to 5 years
  • Term renewals for up to (3) additional year
  • Interest rates as low as LIBOR+
  • Simple interest payments made quarterly
  • Principle due at the term of the loan
  • Non-Recourse
  • Average Daily Volume of $500,000
  • OTC and Small Cap accepted
  • Funding within five(5) business days
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