The official token for GIS Corp

Who We Are

GISC LoanCoin, an ethereal block chain based platform based on the ERC-20 protocol, are tokens which represents a participation interest in Global Investment Services Corp., an investment corporation providing transactional and financial services to companies, institutions, corporate officers and high-net worth individuals on a global scale. GISC acts as a collateralized lender that partner with clients seeking funding for their companies needs, through our structured loan product.

GISC blockchain-based platform utilizes Smart Contracts to enable its token holders to participate in the funding of  companies around the globe in need of growth capital through structured loans and equity sales. GISC will be the first company to market crypto currency loans backed by liquid trading securities on Non-US major exchanges.

GISC, an operating Cayman Island based company, has seen a surge in interest in its ecosystem because of its successful track record from its management team in the collateral lending space. GISC believes their blockchain- based platform will be in high demand over all business cycles. Over the past 24 months more than $4 billion in real world loans have been submitted to managers of GISC for funding with over 30% meeting GISC strict approval process. This offering would allow for the origination of a pool of high yield loans which payments will be distributed quarterly.  GISC LoanCoin is based a Blockchain platform that enables cryptocurrencies holders to collateralize their holdings into any Fiat currency. Secondly, the GISC lending platform allows owners of equity security to borrow against their assets in Fiat or cryptocurrency of choice.

GISC will be the first company to market crypto currency loans using customized terms with low interest rates against major coins such as BTC, Ethereum, LTC and select Alt-Coins. Alternative lending is going mainstream in the same way Shadow Banking became part of the worldwide financial system. Most estimate put the Shadow Banking market size at $100 Trillion dollars. Cryptocurrency lending is the next stage in financial innovation and will be adopted worldwide.


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