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Coin Based Loans

GISC blockchain-based platform utilizes ERC-20 smart contracts and non-smart contract Crypto loans. GISC offers Packaged Crypto Loans listed on site and with other lending platforms as main marketplace for borrowers and Customizable  Crypto Loans  using customized terms with LTV’s and low Interest Rates against major coins such at BTC, Ethereum, and LTC and select Alt-Coins which meet our lending criteria. Our process maintains the security and discretion that blockchain users desire.
  • Minimum Market Capitalization of $100mm
  • LTV’s (Loan to Values) from 25% – 100%
  • Terms from 1 week – 1 year
  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • Interest Payments made based on loan length
  • Principle and Interest due at the end of term of the loan
  • Non-Recourse
  • Maintenance Calls at 125% above LTV
  • Direct Smart Contract funding/Non-Smart Contract Escrow available
  • Collateral will be held in a highly secure, multi-signature wallet
At the close of the ICO GISC LoanCoin shall use 20% of financing allocated for Loan Origination to fund FIAT pegged loans. They contain all benefits of a decentralized lending solution with a strong value stability. Decentralized Fiat

Currencies (DFC) are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to a local currency. People feel confident about using their national currencies, and DFC gives us the means to integrate the most used forms of exchange into the blockchain infrastructure. Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens are perfect to use as a collateral as the advent of the Smart Contract makes the process simpler. The smart contract conducts all transactions based at the time agreed and uses real-time market data to ensure GISC receive its interest as expected.

With blockchain service providers such as ETHLend, Brickblock, and CoinEquityLoan providing marketplaces to connect us to borrowers the platform makes investing easier for existing cryptocurrency-only users as well as those who don’t wish to deviate from the conventional financial instruments to play in both fields with GISC. While currently only Ethereum based loans are available we see that Bitcoin and NEO have stated they plan to institute smart contracts. As these markets open GISC will look to add to them to its lending platform with the intent of being the leading coin based lender of choice.

The initial implementation supports the price feed for 32 fiat currencies:
“USD”, “EUR”, “JPY”, “GBP”, “AUD”, “CAD”, “CHF”, “NZD”, “CNY”, “RUB”, “MXN”, “BRL”, “INR”, “HKD”, “TRY”, “ZAR”, “PLN”, “NOK”, “SEK”, “DKK”, “CZK”, “HUF”, “ILS”, “KRW”, “MYR”, “PHP”, “RON”, “SGD”, “THB”, “BGN”, “IDR”, “HRK”.

The concept is entirely based on the idea to reduce risks and enable all parties to use their loan in the real world. FIAT-pegged loans offer a low volatility, great real-life usage and realistic interest rates. With GISC, cryptocurrency holders are able to use decentralized loans at fair market prices anywhere in the world with minimal risk. At the same time GISC receive safe interest profits without worrying about crypto volatility. This adds to the ROI percentage distributed to GISC LoanCoin token holders quarterly.

The goal of Global Investment Services Corp., is two-fold. First, to integrate with the current Structured Loans into the blockchain model. Second, the company aims to offer the ability to fund in cryptocurrency for lending products to any blockchain platform.

The primary market focus for GISC will be:
P2P – The volume of global P2P payments and remittances is eclipsing $1 trillion yearly
B2B – funding to cash flowing businesses for short term capital needs
General Use – cryptocurrency holders seeking liquidity without selling their coins

We anticipate funding smaller amount loans with shorter terms than our current FIAT model which averages from $5 to $10 million and 3 years in length. Crypto loans may have term lengths as short as a week. With the increased number of transactions, lower transaction cost, and repeat borrowers we anticipate ROI can be managed at levels comparable to our secured loans. We seek to enter this market immediately at the end of the ICO.

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