The official token for GIS Corp

ICO Investor Information / FAQ

Thank you for your interest in GISC LoanCoin. We worked hard in order to provide you with intelligible and detailed information on our company.

People who are used to reading white papers will notice that this one is slightly different. Keep in mind that our product is intended for the general public and not only for cryptocurrency experts. We thus simplified certain passages and provided detailed explanations. This may seem simple to some people, but it is necessary for the novices of the field.


Contribution Rules and Guidelines

You have to send ETH funds from your personal Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet)
DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc

Ether Contract Address:


– This address is listed on our website in multiple places. Please do not use any other address for our contract.
Set Gas Limit to 250 000.
GIS tokens will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH arrived.
By participating in this fundraiser I agree to the terms and conditions of the token sale.
– Problems please send us a email or send us a message on telegram.
– If would like to see the source code for the contract please see here.
We do not recommend using Jaxx until they add full ERC20 support.
We DO support donations in other coins that are not ERC20 based coins. Please contact us with questions or complete this form to receive coins addresses are below.


How to get GISC LoanCoin using other coins

– We currently support BTC, LTC, BAT, DASH, DCR, QTUM, NEM, STRAT

– Addresses are below and on the form to record the transaction.

–  Complete the form at the bottom of this page with your transaction ID and Ethereum Address where you wish to receive your coin

– Please complete the form so that we know where to send your GISC LoanCoin. If there are any questions please send us a email or reach us on Telegram. Please note your ETH address MUST accept ERC20 tokens.


Link to the form to complete for transactions with the following coins:


Network Addresses

  •  Using Bitcoin (BTC)
    Amount to Send: Minimum 0.01 BTC

    BTC Address:  1JGTXq55JRyjAyng1g3niFwFGJCnkbe4aD


  • Using LiteCoin (LTC)
    Amount to Send: Minimum 0.6 LTC

    LTC Address:  LfaqSt22XvTUGQYoe6jYocmtz7qe6qF6Js


  • Using Basic Attention Token (BAT)
    Amount to Send: Minimum 500 BAT

    BAT Address:  0x9037b4488033a47aa78433D8477196daf082B7d4


  • Using DASH (DASH)
    Amount to Send: Minimum .01 DASH

    DASH Address:  XoM9ryQVw14VfegyEKzTtyyvpXPMgQkBB6


  • Using DECRED (DCR)
    Amount to Send: Minimum 4 DCR

    DECRED Address: DsiKMyeEtcw85Udqe1TyzBK13kSu39AAxxm


  • Using Quantum (QTUM)
    Amount to Send: Minimum 9 QTUM
    QTUM Address: 0x9037b4488033a47aa78433D8477196daf082B7d4


  • Using NEM (XEM)
    Amount to Send: Minimum 500


  • Using Stratis (STRAT)
    Amount to Send: Minimum 20
    STRAT Address: SjvjA16F4FJRkAD4qm72FB7jf19cXucbcF

If there are any questions please contact us via email or Telegram




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