GISC LoanCoin

The official token for GIS Corp

  • initial coin offering is live

    Stage 2 - September 13th

  • A Distributed Structured Lending Platform

    Global Investment Services Corporation

  • cryptocurrency lending platform

    a funding mechanism for Secured Loans to business owners


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a structured finance distributed lending platform

Who We Are

GISC LoanCoin, an ethereal block chain based platform based on the ERC-20 protocol, are tokens which represents a participation interest in Global Investment Services Corp., an investment corporation providing transactional and financial services to companies, institutions, corporate officers and high-net worth individuals on a global scale. GISC acts as a collateralized lender that partner with […]

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There are three types of participants in GISC ecosystem: Borrower, Lender (GISC) and Token holder. Borrowers are the ones who drive traffic into the ecosystem and create an asset based on GISC open source platform. Lender creates a Structured Loan arrangement and manages the loan for the benefit of the ecosystem. GISC ecosystem motivates the […]

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Coin Based Loans

GISC blockchain-based platform utilizes ERC-20 smart contracts and non-smart contract Crypto loans. GISC offers Packaged Crypto Loans listed on site and with other lending platforms as main marketplace for borrowers and Customizable  Crypto Loans  using customized terms with LTV’s and low Interest Rates against major coins such at BTC, Ethereum, and LTC and select Alt-Coins which meet our lending criteria. Our […]

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GISC LoanCoin

The goal of this ICO is to collect funding to finance the origination of the pipeline of high yield structured loans backed by liquid equities listed on non-US exchanges; primarily in the Asia Pacific and EU markets and fund crypto loans against any suitable Alt-Coin to produce ROI to GIS token holders. GISC Loan Coin […]

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Our coin offering

GISC LoanCoin

ICO Stage 1

For the next tokens sold

10-20% bonus

  • Initial Coin Offering
  • Up to 60 Million Tokens
  • 200 - 300 GISC / 1 ETH /based on week
  • GISC Loan coin sent upon purchase
  • distribution of fund net profits
  • quarterly coin purchase

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ICO Details / How to participate

Official Ethereum ICO Address


 Click here to See Our Ether QR Code

  • DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase or from multi-sig wallets. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDS!
  • Use a wallet that supports ERC20 Ethereum tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, or imToken.
  • Set the Gas Limit to 250,000.
  • GISC Token will be sent to the wallet from which the ETH arrived.
  • By participating in this ICO, you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • See our contract source code on Github (here)
  • We support a number of ALT COINS (Click Here)
  • We currently support BTC, LTC, BAT, DASH, DCR, QTUM, NEM, STRAT


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Cryptocurrency Lending Platform
GISC LoanCoin delivers a funding mechanism for Secured Loans to business owners

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Meet the team

The people behind GIS Loan Coin

Kevin Gray

  Kevin Gray is Director of Global Investment Service Corp. Mr. Gray has over 24 years in the investment banking business. He has formed and managed many private companies. He was Owner and Managing Principal of the offices of two Investment Banking brokerage franchises. At these companies, Mr. Gray was responsible for the hiring of […]

Bill Biddle

Bill Biddle. Mr. Biddle has over 25 years in the banking industry. Prior to joining GIS Corporation, Mr. Biddle was an Investment Banker for JP Carey & Co. While at JP Carey & Co. the Investment Banking department raised over $600 million dollars for small cap public companies (PIPE) and over $75 million dollars for […]

Brad Walton

Brad Walton. His career included a wide range of telecommunications carriers, IP Telephony Startups, as well as leading rolls at Vanguard Cellular Systems, Sprint, AT&T and Sema Group Telecoms. Profoundly driven and perfectionistic by nature, Brad is committed to his clients, companies and employees. He devotes his time analyzing business models, automating processes and designing […]

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